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A war between space colonies is raging on for 20 years now. Unfortunatly your side is losing, you're outnumbered 130:1, but you have the technical advantage. Fight for your planet, bring peace in space, upgrade your ship and rise to be the best pilot in the universe.


Immerce yourself in this new Space shooter with cool 2.5D Graphics making the scene as realistic as possible without slowing down your device.

Your main objectives is to go as far as possible into increasingly faster waves of enemies and destroy as much of them as possible.  With each played game you earn money depending on how far you got and how much enemies you destroyed. With the money you can upgrade your spaceship and progress further into the game.

The game is only single player and the controls consist of a virtual joystick and a ”SHOOT” button.


RagingSpace11.apk 32 MB

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